About Me

Phil Vaught grew up in Kentucky. The son of a minister, he was exposed to music very early in life. It was not uncommon to hear him singing southern hymnals at church specials, or performing duets with his sister or brothers. At age 11, his parents bought him a drum set, and he began playing at church services and with friends at social functions. Soon after that, his older brothers started teaching him guitar and there was no turning back. He was hooked on music� Phil was exposed to various genres of music. From his dad, he picked up on legendary country artists such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, The Statler Brother�s, and many others. His brothers, eight and ten years his senior, listened to Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Jr., Billy Joel, and Phil picked up something from them all. His mother & sister, both accomplished classical musicians, also exposed Phil to an array of popular artists of current and past eras.

By the time Phil was in high school, he began performing at local and regional clubs as well as an array of charities and benefits. He became a well-established, in demand, respected musician and vocalist. He especially enjoyed playing with musicians who shared his interests in legendary country and rock artists. Fresh out of high school, he hit the road with his band and has never looked back. Although he enjoys playing diversified types of music, his heart remains true to his roots.

Today, PHIL VAUGHT remains as busy as any artist in the business making personal appearances at major venues nationwide playing over 200 dates a year. Phil has also spent the past few years recording his original music, and taking stage with some amazing musicians. Phil is a natural performer, who has the ability to let the music do the talking and feed off the response and energy of the audience. He loves to work, loves the road and sings like no one you�ve heard before�